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Tyre Repair

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We, DMH Tyres Ltd., extend affordable tyre repair Widnes. Our experts follow all legal recommendations concerning tyre repairs and carry out detailed safety checks before offering the service.

We use the best tyre repair techniques to ensure accurate results without much turn-around time. We strictly abide by the BS AU 159 method for utmost driving safety in case of punctures.

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Repairing minor damages on your car tyres can help you save tyre replacement costs down the line!

Important Things To Keep In Mind

It is NOT possible to repair all types of tyre damages. Therefore, we will thoroughly check your car's tyres based on several parameters as given below:

  • The tyre tread depth should be at least 1.6mm.
  • There should not be any exposed cords or cracks in the carcass.
  • The tyres should not have any bulges.
  • There should not be cracks or damages on the main treads.
  • In case of a puncture, the damaged area should not be more than 6mm.
  • Finally, the tyre must not have any major cut on the sidewall.

If your car's tyres satisfy all these safety checks, we will begin the tyre repair Widnes. If not, we will ask you to opt for a tyre replacement.

Tyre Repair Process We Follow

Depending on the nature and severity of the damage, we will follow one of the 3 processes of tyre repair, explained below:


We will not unmount your car's tyre. Instead, we will just insert and attach an adhesive coated piece of rubber to the damaged area. When the tyre rolls and generates heat, this adhesive will vulcanise and turn into a seal.


We will first unmount the tyre. Next, we will push in a leather patch coated with adhesive and attach it to the cracked area. This adhesive will vulcanise and become a permanent seal under the effect of heat generated during tyre rolling.

Plug & Patch

For plug & patch, we will unmount your car's tyre first. Then we will insert an adhesive coated rubber patch with a leather tail. Next, we will use the tail-like end to thread the cracked region and plug it properly.

We ensure the repair is done the right way!

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