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Brake Repair Service

Properly working brakes are extremely crucial for maximum handling performance and on-road safety. If you notice an increased braking distance when applying your car brakes, it’s time to contact a garage for brake repair widnes for servicing. Failing car brakes pose significant on-road safety issues and must be resolved at the earliest opportunity.

DMH Tyres is an ideal one-stop solution for brake pad replacement Widnes services. We offer our services at affordable rates.

Car Braking System Components We Check

A vehicle’s braking system consists of various parts that must work optimally to offer a reliable braking performance. These include:

  • Master cylinder
  • Rotor
  • Caliper
  • Brake discs
  • Brake pads
  • Brake booster
  • Wheel speed sensors
  • ABS module
  • Brake lines

Warning Signs of Malfunctioning Brakes:

Squeaking or Grinding Noises

While applying the brakes, if you hear squealing noises, it is an indication that the brake pads are probably damaged. You must immediately address the issue at our garage to conduct all braking performance checks and replacements.

Faulty Steering

Inefficient brakes lead to difficulty in controlling the vehicle in a straight line when you are pressing the brake pedal.

Odd Vibrations

Juddering or vibrations in the steering wheel when you apply the brakes indicates that there is a defect in the rotors.

Burning Smell While Driving

Repeated hard braking on steep roads can lead to a sharp chemical odour due to overheated clutch or brakes.

Regardless of the issue, our professionals are capable of identifying the root of the problem and resolving it quickly and efficiently.

What Are the Common Causes of Brake Failure?

  • Damaged rotor discs.
  • Loss of hydraulic brake fluid pressure.
  • If you overload your vehicle more than the suggested limit, it puts more stress on the brake pads, leading to accelerated wear and tear.
  • Worn brake pads or discs
  • Repeated aggressive braking.
  • Overheating of brakes due to frequent short trips and inconsistent braking.

Why visit DMH Tyres?

Our garage for brake repair Widnes has all the necessary equipment and tools to perform efficient brake replacement in the minimum turnaround time. For other information regarding our brake pad replacement Widnes services, you can drop into our facility during business hours. You can also call us to talk to our experts directly for any further queries.

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