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Do you know that it is mandatory by law to install only EU labelled car tyres in the UK?

The European Union implemented a mandate that all tyres must be labelled on the metrics of their wet grip performance, fuel efficiency and noise emission level to ensure optimal driving safety. In 2021, the EU made various modifications in tyre labelling.

Individuals planning to buy tyres Widnes should learn about the new tyre labelling metrics to enable an informed choice.

DMH Tyres Ltd. brings a vast collection of car tyres Widnes across multiple sizes, variants and price ranges. Other than car tyres suitable for all leading makes and models, we also stock agricultural, tractor and fleet tyres Widnes.

Our in-house tyre experts will explain to you the EU tyre labelling to ensure you can pick the correct set of tyres for your vehicle.

However, if you would like to buy tyres directly from our website, keep reading about tyre labelling.

Tyre Labelling Explained:

Wet Grip Performance

According to the latest changes, the wet grip performance of tyres now ranges between A and E. While an “A” rating refers to maximum short braking response, an “E” rating symbolises the least performance.

Fuel Efficiency

As per the new law, a tyre’s fuel efficiency is now indicated with labels from A to E. So if you want to save more on our fuel expenses, we recommend “A” rated tyres Widnes.

Noise Emission

The ABC rating now represents the noise emission level instead of soundbars. An “A” rated tyre is extremely noise-efficient, whereas “B” rated models emit high noise and “C” rated are not permitted.

Additional Modifications

  • The EU label has a new ice stalagmite symbol for Nordic winter tyres.
  • Tyres providing optimal snow performance come with a 3PMSF symbol.
  • All tyres will have a QR code directly linked with EU database EPREL, which, when scanned, will provide comprehensive information and verification.

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