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Car Battery Replacement Widnes

Is the check engine light blinking on your car’s dashboard? If yes, then it is likely an indication for a dying battery. Address the issue at the earliest and visit our workshop DMH Tyres Ltd.

Why Us?

We stock an exclusive range of car battery Widnes from reputed manufacturers across different price ranges. We consider budget constraints and thus maintain a fair pricing policy for 100% customer satisfaction.

Our mechanics are trained regularly to carry out car battery replacement Widnes with quick turnaround time. Furthermore, our in-house professionals are technically adept at attending to all leading automobile makes and models.

So, why exhaust yourself with “car battery replacement near me” searches?

Instead, head straight to our facility at Anglo Plant, Badger House, Ditton Road, Widnes, WA8 0PJ.

What Does a Car Battery Contain?

A standard car battery includes the following components:

  • Lid of the battery
  • Battery case
  • Acid
  • Positive plates
  • Negative plates
  • Paste and separator
  • Terminals, to name a few.

What Affects Car Battery Life?

The following reasons are responsible for compromised battery performance:

  • Not driving your car for a prolonged period
  • Frequent short trips substantially disrupting car battery recharge
  • Malfunctioning alternator
  • Exposure to adverse climatic conditions
  • Worn out and loose circuits, wiring, etc.
  • Corrosion in the battery terminals
  • Damages done during battery installation

Disclaimer: The average lifespan of a car battery ranges between 3 and 5 years.

Signs of a Faltering Car Battery

On noticing any of the following symptoms, feel free to visit our facility for prompt solutions:

Clicking Noise While Starting Your Vehicle

If you hear a clicking sound while turning your car’s ignition key, there must be some issues with the battery.

False Ignition

Does your vehicle make a cranking noise, or is it not starting like it used to? A potential reason can be insufficient battery power output.

Foul Smell

Over time, sulphur accumulates in the battery terminals resulting in corrosion producing a rotten smell.

Low Battery Fluid Level

Quick battery discharge brings down the recommended lead plate fluid level, accelerating liquid discharge.

We provide battery fluid level top-up Widnes as per the manufacturer recommended level only after conducting a precise inspection.

Bloated Battery Case

An overheated battery swells the case and demands immediate replacement to avoid unnecessary complications.

Apart from these, an exhausted battery leads to a lapse in the performance of ignition, headlamp, indicators, horns, and other car electrical components.

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact us on 0151 3187741 for car battery Widnes. Alternatively, our experts will readily answer your queries at info@dmhtyres.com.

For emergency assistance, please note down our number, 0151 3187741. Irrespective of the time, give us a call, and we will reach your location within 90 minutes.